It’s All About the Relationship

Do you think your business doesn’t have much competition? Think again.

Choices are all around us every day, thanks in large part to the internet. No longer does THE sole tractor shop in the little farm town know that they can rely on sales from everyone in his geographical area. With people moving into town and a click of a button, that hard to find item is not so hard to find after all.


What does this mean for you as a business owner? It means that no matter what your business focus you always have a competitor. Always. So why will Susie Smith pick you to do business with instead of Jane’s Home Goods? It’s simple – your relationship with her.


Relationship building is vital to all businesses, regardless of the industry. Take the time to get to know your potential customers, let them get to know you. As your relationship grows and they begin to know, like and trust you, you WILL be their go-to person when they need a service or product you offer.

Here are some key techniques for growing relationships in your community and online.


  • Be honest and authentic. Let people see the real human being behind the “sales persona”. When someone can connect with you on a deeper level you will start to build that friendship and trust.


  • Limit how much you promote yourself and your business. Make an effort to attend social events that are not business related. If you are online, join in community discussions that are focused on your life outside of your business/job. Make sure your personal posts on social media are only 30% business related. The other 70% should be sharing items of interest and letting your friends get to see and know more about your daily life.


  • Start a blog on your business website. Make sure the posts are high quality and provide valuable information to your readers. Interject a little bit of your personality into these posts to help your readers feel like they’re getting to know you.


  • Be a giver. Work with local charities, promote other businesses, be out in the community doing good things for people. Actions speak louder than words. Your potential customers ARE watching you.


  • Join networking and leadership organizations in your area – i.e., BNI, Rotary, Kiwanis, and other local networking groups. Practice the art of giving in these groups as well.


If you need help with any of these tips, let me know. I would love to sit down and chat about how we can help you grow your business!


One thought on “It’s All About the Relationship

  1. Lynn Silva

    Hi Christy,

    Thank you for such wonderful advice on relationship building. I think the key point that you make is to simply be ourselves. In order to do that, it takes a level of humility and vulnerability. In my Organizational Leadership classes, we’re taught to always be strong and confident. For a while, I found this clashed with being humble and vulnerable. But, in reality, it takes balance in all things to make it work. There is a balance and when you get it right, that is when you begin establishing trust and respect. Your post shows exactly how to do that. Thanks for a great post.

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