bellisChristy has been helping me with my newsletters for my business for two years…WOW, what a difference it makes having a professional write each post!  My online presence increased significantly in a short period of time.

Barbara Ellis, Associate Director, Stella & Dot, www.stelladot.com/barbaraellis


“Christy, I’m impressed with your work and feel like you went above and beyond what I asked, you added some worthwhile technical info into the blog post that added a lot. Thank you. I’ll be sending more projects over soon.” Nathan A.

jeleff“Working with Christy has made my business life so much easier now. Before I was inconsistent with getting my message out into the world. Now, I craft my article, give it to Christy and have the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that she is taking care of it. Christy is helping me play a bigger game in this world.”

Jeanette Eleff, Success Coach & Speaker, focusedvitality.com


acarter“With very little direction given, Christy was able to write articles that fit our publishing needs. She has great talent for writing that pulls the reader in, fills them with a message and leaves them ready for action (or simply being content in their own skin!)  Christy’s varied experiences over the years give her the knowledge to write on many subjects with ease.”

Amy Carter, Publisher of The Country Register Newspaper www.countryregisteronline.com



kneadmt“Christy is amazing and I highly recommend her. She helped me greatly with content for my website and email marketing. She responds promptly, is a good communicator and a skilled worker. I especially like her helpful and positive demeanor. I look forward to working with her again.”





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