3 Question Thursday – Megan Mullaney

As the founder of the Frederick graphic design firm, Think Baseline, Megan Mullaney was a natural choice to highlight. If you don’t know Megan, you likely know her work with notable local clients such as Smooch! Studio, Freez King and Brewer’s Alley (just to name a few…)


The team at Think Baseline: Megan, Briana & Alyssa


What’s your favorite part of being a business owner?

What I absolutely love about being a business owner is that I get to be a part of all the different pieces that make up the company. From concept direction and graphic design, to bookkeeping and client acquisition…it’s great to do something different every day! Things never get stale when you own a business. You are always “on” and I thrive on that. It’s so cool to see your employees create things and to watch them grow as designers. I love being a part of their work and personal lives – and I am so grateful to have them in mine!

If you could give a piece of advice to the next generation about how to succeed in life, what would it be?

To be successful – find something you love to do and be passionate about it. Regardless of what you do always work harder than the person next to you if you want to get ahead. Be willing to put in the extra time and be willing to sacrifice. Do whatever it takes! Most of all, do what makes you happy and you will find success in that.

Give me three words that best describe you:

Driven, caring & honest.

If you or any business you know in Frederick needs a great graphic designer contact Megan today! You can reach her through her website http://www.thinkbaseline.com.




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