3 Question Thursday – Maria Higgins

Meet Dr. Maria Higgins, owner of the oh-so fabulous Unique Optique in downtown Frederick. Getting glasses is actually a fun experience in this boutique! Between the warm decor, the trendy frames and the added bonus of a photo booth it is a delight for the senses.


In Dr. Maria’s words here is a little more information about this must-see shop. “The inspiration for Unique Optique is the rose curve, a math equation that when graphed, becomes a flower. In this sense, Unique Optique encompasses science, nature and art. We believe in genuinely caring for our patients with thorough eye exams, then meticulously designing each individual’s glasses or contact lenses with both style and function in mind.”

After 10 years of practicing optometry in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Maria took a trip to Frederick, MD and fell in love. Since joining the Frederick community she has become a board member of the Downtown Frederick Partnership and was recently voted Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year for Frederick County.

What’s your personal mission statement or mantra?

Right now, my personal mantra is “everything that has happened to me or will happen to me is for my best benefit.” It keeps me centered on the fact that even bad things happen for very good reasons.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Love Actually is my favorite movie because it looks at all kinds of love, from romantic to siblings to infatuation to unrequited. The movie leaves you inspired and cheered about the state of the world.

What’s your favorite spot in Frederick County?

Currently it is the labyrinth at the Frederick Unitarian Church. It has such a peaceful feeling to it, it overlooks Sugarloaf Mountain and farm lands and fills me with inspiration.

Whether you need glasses, contacts or just want to meet the fabulous Dr. Maria Higgins, be sure to stop by Unique Optique on your next trip to downtown Frederick.

You can follow Unique Optique on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UniqueOptique





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