3 Question Thursday – Cindy Alderton

Frederick is blessed to have a wide variety of ridiculously talented photographers at our fingertips. One such photographer whose work I admire greatly is Cindy Alderton, owner of Heart of Boudoir Photography.


Cindy’s work is more than just “work” to her. It is a mission with a strong purpose behind it. You see it in the photographs and hear it in her conviction as she describes what led her to start this photography business.

 “Heart of Boudoir Photography began nearly seven years ago as a way to document and celebrate women. Women getting married or divorced, weight loss, cancer survivors, a gift to themselves – women love and deserve beautiful images of themselves. As you may or may not know, ‘boudoir’ photography has been a popular form of imagery for some time and although it’s mostly associated with lingerie and private photos, you don’t have to be photographed only in intimates; you can feel comfortable knowing that you have all the control to design your own custom portrait session.

Anything that makes you feel good, sexy and desirable…just to have amazing images to look back on six months or 20 years from now. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your size, age, color, shape. Every woman should do this and realize their own unique beauty through the eyes of an experienced and skillful photographer. I love connecting with women from all over the area and beyond and feel fortunate that clients frequently drive 2+ hours to work with me. It’s this type of collaboration and trust that keeps the camera in my hands.

It’s never too late to enjoy who you are, whether you want a gift to give the one you love, want to document a milestone in your life, or simply just because. Don’t put it off, this is really the ultimate celebration of you!”

Now to Cindy’s three questions:

What’s your favorite part of being a business owner?

The autonomy in being able to take my business where I want it to go and having flexibility in my schedule. I’m finding as long as I stay true to my core goals and values, how I get there is up to me – which can be a little scary but also exhilarating! As a creative person, I love having the ability to explore whatever strikes me and connect with a wide variety of people. With that said, there is also a lot of disciple required and the accountability to the client is all mine. I love to work hard and am driven. The payoff is the look on my client’s face when I’ve over-delivered and that’s truly what makes me happy – the happiness and satisfaction of others!

What’s your favorite form of entertainment? 

I am currently obsessed with Netflix! Although that makes me sound like a couch potato, it’s allowed me to take a look at many forms of expression and points-of-view through documentaries, TED Talks and drama. That being said I also LOVE the Netflix series’ and good old-fashioned thrillers, horror and suspense movies…I am the original scary movie fan!

If you could give a piece of advice to our next generation about how to succeed in life, what would that be?

Don’t lose your face-to-face social skills and manners. Be present in your moments and not distracted by phones, computers and iPads. Really appreciate relationships – they are the basis for many successes. Pick up a book occasionally and call a friend to actually get together and chat. Don’t get caught in the rush of your technological life and remember to tell people how much you appreciate and love them while they are still here. In a nutshell – go “old school”, there’s a lot to be said for it!

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

If you or someone you know could use a pick-me-up or just a day of pampering and fun with one of Cindy’s boudoir sessions, contact her! This is a priceless gift that every woman deserves!




You can reach Cindy through her Heart of Boudoir website or on Facebook.


One thought on “3 Question Thursday – Cindy Alderton

  1. Margaret Watson

    A well written article!!! Her parents must be sooooo proud of her. “Don’t get caught in the rush of your technological life and remember to tell people how much you appreciate and love them while they are still here. In a nutshell –go “old school”, there’s a lot to be said for it!”

    We never know what the future holds for us and get but one chance at life.

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