3 Question Thursday – Christine Polonia Gresh

Today’s featured guest impressed me years ago when I met her at a networking event. She has a true passion for homemade, hand-crafted items. However, her passion doesn’t stop there. Her deeper love? Helping those that create those items build strong, thriving businesses. She is a true advocate and mentor for those that want to parlay their passion into a profitable business.

Christine owns Craft to Cash In, a coaching business for artisans and craft professionals. “I will show you how to find your ideal clients through keyword research, how to blog correctly and what programs out there are right for you and your business,” says Christine.

Christine coaches from her own experience. She has owned businesses for 30+ years now, each time starting from the bottom and working her way up. Her mantra? “If you think small you will achieve small, if you think big you will achieve big.”



Here are her three questions:

What is your advice to the next generation?

My advice is BE-DO-HAVE. We must have specific goals (What you want to BE). Take the steps to achieve those goals (What you need to DO). Have the right mindset (What you need to HAVE). Your mindset is crucial to get you through the tough times. Most businesses fail because of the mindset of the owner. When you first start a business you’re on top of the world, very enthusiastic, but when the bumps in the road happen it throws people off. The mindset is crucial!

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. This book makes you look at yourself and how you achieve goals. Through this book I discovered my purpose to help others, specifically to help them change their mindset from negative to positive. It only takes a small mind shift to change from self-doubt to self-worth.

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

My favorite part is knowing that I am on the right path. I love working with individuals and seeing the shift from “holy cow, what am I doing?” to “wow, I can really do this and I love it!” I went through that exact path myself to get to where I am.

You can connect with Christine on her website, Craft to Cash In, or on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “3 Question Thursday – Christine Polonia Gresh

  1. Lynn Silva

    I love, love, LOVE ‘BE DO HAVE!’ What a wonderful concept, and one that our next generation needs.

    There’s a pattern in the women you highlight each Thursday Christy…it’s their passion to help others. Sometimes I can go all week and not come across one person who is passionate about helping others…until Thursday hits.

    Thanks for another wonderful spotlight on another wonderful woman.

  2. Christy Post author

    Thanks, Lynn! You’re so right – that passion to help others is in every one of these ladies. Thank you for reading and commenting! And I LOVE ‘BE DO HAVE’, as well! Such a needed concept right now!

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