3 Question Thursday – Caressa Flannery

If you live or work in Frederick, chances are you’ve run into this lovely lady at some point in your work day. Ever been to Baker Park’s Fourth of July? Yeah, she’s on the committee that runs that. How about Alive @ Five on Carroll Creek? Yep, she’s involved in that one, too. And Evening on the Riviera, and…well, you get my point.


Caressa is a Frederick native with ties to just about everyone in the county. In addition to all of her volunteering activities she also runs several successful businesses: RelyLocal Frederick, Create-a-Pulse Marketing and, as if those two didn’t keep her busy enough, she’s a  Shop.com Unfranchise owner.

Create-a-Pulse is a 13 year-old company founded by Caressa focusing on marketing, web design, social media and events. RelyLocal specializes in marketing, social media & networking for LOCAL small businesses. If you have a downtown business her job and passion is helping YOU get noticed and grow!

Caressa, give me three words that best describe you:

Energetic – people call me the Energizer Bunny.

Giver – I have the biggest heart and give of my time selflessly, even when I probably shouldn’t.

Motivated – I’m constantly pursuing goals, dreams and desires for a better life for myself and the people I care about.


What’s your personal mission statement or mantra?

What you think about, you bring about! I am a firm believer that our thoughts and our words represent what we get in life. If you are always looking backward or think the worst, you will inevitably get what you wish for. If you are constantly in a state of forward thinking and your thoughts are about dreams, goals, plans, successes and good things, you will inevitably get what you wish for. It’s a proven fact. So I get up, get going and focus on what lies ahead, not what didn’t happen or failures in life. This is the BEST mantra for success! I truly believe this!


If you could give a piece of advice to the next generation about how to succeed in life, what would that be?

Think positive thoughts ALWAYS and never, ever give up!


To reach Caressa and see how she may be able to help your business grow with her services you can contact her at:

RelyLocal Frederick




The next time you’re at an event in downtown Frederick, keep your eyes open. I can almost guarantee she’ll be there!




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