14 Best Websites for Writers

There’s nothing like finding a place to get support and training for your chosen career path, especially if you’re a freelancer going it solo. I’ve received countless hours of advice, support and encouragement, as well as practical training for my craft from several places on the web and thought it only fitting to share what I consider the “best of the best” with my writer friends.

  1. Valerie Bordeau – Freelance Writers AcademyDesigned to help fellow freelance writers advance in their profession. Articles are timely and full of practical techniques that you can implement immediately. Paid membership option, the Kingdom of Paidalot also available with additional support, training and exclusive job offers.
  2. Carol Tice – Make A Living Writing, Practical Help for Hungry Writers This site always provides articles that give concrete, helpful strategies for writers, whether you’re a new freelance blogger or a veteran writer. Paid membership option, Freelance Writer’s Den, with additional training and support opens up 2-3 times per year.
  3. Jeff Goins – Goinswriter.comAuthor of The In-Between and Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life. Jeff writes about finding the audience that your writing deserves. He is a champion for all writers and firmly believes we all have a story to tell. There is a paid membership option for his TribeWriters course and community that only opens 2-3 times per year. If you want to be notified the next time it opens up, let me know. I’ll be happy to add you to my list.
  4. Sophie Lizard – Be a Freelance BloggerSuper successful freelance blogger, Sophie Lizard shows you how to find paid blogging jobs and provides a wealth of resources, including an online community to participate in.
  5. Danny Iny – Firepole Marketing, Connect. Engage. InspireA wealth of information for entreprueners ranging from writers to coaches to artists. The jewel of the site is the Engagement Toolbox.
  6. Joe Bunting – The Write PracticeTutorials, blog posts and e-books can be found at Joe Bunting’s site. This is a site that not only encourages practice, but gives you an opportunity to practice each day for 15 minutes through a variety of tools.
  7. Linda Formicelli – The Renegade Writer, Living and Loving the Freelance Life on Your Own Terms.Known best for her book of the same name, Linda provides timely articles with valuable information for anyone that wants to write for a living. Classes, freebies and mentoring are offered. Be sure to grab her book Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race. It’s a steal at only $4.99!
  8. Bryan Hutchinson – The Positive WriterAuthor of The Writer’s Doubt and champion of writers. Bryan created this blog to help all writer’s that feel stuck and need encouragement to move forward in their writing.
  9. Dawn Goldberg – Writing from Your SoulDawn offers valuable and practical tips for all writers to help you clarify your deeper purpose and find a way to connect with your audience whether you write for a living or you need to write for your business.
  10. Christina Katz – Known for her best-selling book The Writer Mama, Christina is a published author of numerous books for writers, publishes The Prosperous Writer monthly e-zine, and offers a variety of classes starting at $21 for monthly challenge classes and going up for more in-depth coaching. Down to earth and approachable, I love her programs!
  11. Dana Sitar – A Writer’s Bucket ListDIY Writers, “A place for entrepreunerial writers and writerly entrepreuners.” Filled with great information!
  12. Beth Mende Conny – Write DirectionsBeth will teach you how to master the craft of writing through her engaging blog, classes and mentoring programs.
  13. Mary Jaksh – Write to DoneArticles designed to help you improve your writing through learning new skills and practicing them.
  14. Alexis Grant –  The Write LifeHelping writers create, connect and earn.

Covering everything from fiction to productivity to marketing and promotion, The Write Life is a “one-stop shop” for writers resources.

9 thoughts on “14 Best Websites for Writers

  1. Joy

    There are four on the list that I am not yet a subscriber. Thanks for posting this Cristy! I found more writer sites to draw inspiration from. 🙂

    1. Christy Post author

      Thank YOU for all you do to support writers, Valerie! I’m delighted I can share you with my fellow writer friends!

  2. Neil Eldred

    Thanks Christy for a great list. There’s both forgotten and new sites I plan to check out. I appreciate your time putting this list together. It’s always fun to find new writers.

    1. Christy Post author

      Neil and Dawn, I always LOVE finding new resources and had hoped my writer friends would discover a few gems on here that they’d never heard of. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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